Amplifiers, equalisers, record players, pre-amps, tape.


Synths are our speciality, modification, midi conversion.


Analogue outboard, mixing desks, pre-amps, monitors.


Pedals, valve amps, solid state, custom guitar/bass wiring.


Test Equipment

We have a fully equipped lab with the all latest test gear, including specialist audio measuring equipment.

Quality Parts

We only install high quality components obtained through reputable suppliers, ensuring no fake parts.


Not only are we great at repairs and servicing, but we can also upgrade and add features to your audio equipment.


We have a competitive hourly rate set at £50. Jobs with a high hour count will see this discounted.

A note from our engineer on recapping

I would just like to take a moment to explain our most common procedure

Recapping essentially means replacing all the electrolytic capacitors with new ones. This should be thought of as a service item, much like changing the oil in your car, although with a 20 year interval rather then the one year (or six months if you’re like me). Oil is a good analogy because not only will you see a reduction in performance, but the longer you leave it, the more you risk damaging other more expensive components. Good capacitors only allow alternating current to pass through them, while blocking direct current (audio signals are ac). Electrolytic capacitors, so called because they consist of a liquid electrolyte, dry out over time and begin to leak, not physically (although this can happen), but electrically, in other words they start to allow dc through to places it shouldn’t be.

We strongly recommend ELNA SILMIC II caps, they are designed specifically for audio and have come top in various listening tests. I have installed these in my own equipment, and customers, simply as an upgrade.

About Us

Our electrical engineer lives and breathes music.

Matt has been in the repair trade for over a decade and has designed studio gear, guitar pedals, synth modules and more (see here). He himself, a musician specialising in drums, he also has a music production degree and so understands your equipment beyond the electronics. He will almost certainly be listening to either King Crimson, Tool or Genesis when working on your equipment.

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